Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello Champloo DVD

I will not talk about the whole concert in case you guys want to go check it out on your own or your waiting for your copy. But I will have screen caps so if you have yet to see it then stand clear or prepare for tiny spoilers. I will separate them in my own header sections. So let's begin!

Favorite Performances!
There are gonna be a few here

Piriri to Yukou: I love this song already, if your old school Berryz like myself than you know how much this song rocks already, dare I say I like it better than Special Generation? Hummm maybe. But this song is amazingly cute and I love that they brought it back!

Jakenpyon: I mean this song is so old school and I love Kanon and Linlin so it made it awesome. Very throw back to old school H!P and I love that. Also the outfits are so cute. Linlin may have gotten the Mika outfit but she got Mari lines so I am happy.

Pira!Otome no Negai: Erina and Saki are amazing! This song is really good and I love it. I'm normally not a fan of either much (though I am slowly changing my mind on both) but I just WISH! Mai was there. This song is amazing and I can't wait to see if they have one with Mai in it (I like Mai last out of H!P at prob. *sorry fans* but this song would be amazing with her. Clear to see Saki took over Mai's parts and it sounds amazing.

Umbrella: Being that my favorite and 4th favorite Musume member, and my favorite C-ute member you should have known that I would have picked this one. I find the song amazingly cute. Any song where Chisato and Mitsui can sing together is love! But seriously I wish they would release a collection of the songs from this concert.

Jump: One of my favorite C-ute B-sides, this song is made of awesome. I just love it so much. I just wish all of C-ute was there (That Megumi and Kanna were back and Mai wasn't sick) it's just not the same group I fell in love with from before.

Only YOU: Now my surprise pick would have to be the Zoku Biyuuden performance. Now if you were skeptical like me about this group let the worries die. This group is amazing. Risako and Sayumi were almost surely spot on in this one and Junjun's got a really good pitch naturally so this was amazing. The shoes are to die for, the clothing is amazing, and the song is awesome. Check this song out if there is at least one song you can watch on this DVD.

Koko ni Iruzee!: Last but not least one of my favorite fast paced songs from Musume. I love this song. It has always been one of my favorites and it's an amazing group song. *Mitsui solo ftw!* In this song you can still see how Musume rules the stage even though Berryz and C-ute and Mano are up there. Ai deep voice plus high kick is still boss!

A parting gift lol

Songs I could do without!

There are not a lot of songs I would say this about but there are 2 that I honestly hope to never hear in a H!P concert again:

Guru Guru jump: Okay H!P are trying to kill me with this song. May I list for you the concerts this song has been used in so far: Resonant LIVE, 2009 Winter Wonderful Hearts Kouen ~Kakumei Gannen~, Platinum 9 DISCO, and Hello! Project 2009 SUMMER Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~. I'm done! Cute song, it's getting old and then with Koharu gone I want no one else to hit that high note. Without Koharu it's not the same. Nice try to make it more interesting to giving solo lines to some people but not into it. Bye bye!

Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!: The most over played song at this point. Should I even list how many times this has been performed? 2006 Rainbow Seven (First time on an album so understandable), SEXY 8 Beat, Summer 10th Anniversary Dai Kanshasai ~Hello☆Pro Natsu Matsuri~, 2008 Winter ~Wonderful Hearts Nenjuu Mu Kyuu~, Resonant LIVE, Platinum 9 Disco, and Hello! Project 2009 SUMMER Kakumei Gannen ~Hello Chanpuru~. And I might have missed one. So Please H!P stop! Let the song rest! I can't take it anymore!

Overall thoughts

MVP's: I had a few that made this concert really awesome. One would have to be Mano. I'm not a huge fan but dam if that girl didn't get me being paired up with Saki and than her solo song was awesome. Another one would have to be the EGG Kanon. OMG this girl has some stamina, going from S/mileage song to one song break than a Mini Moni song, one MC break to switch back to her S/mileage outfit and come back and dance for Mano like nothing is crazy. Mucho props to you Kanon. Over all a great concert. Better than the 2008 one.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Current Musume Rankings

Well these are my current rankings and I will go into detail on each one. But here is a little background on my current infatuation with Musume. It started in 2000 when I hear I WISH. I fell in love with the 4th generation and I kind of faded out until around 2003 when I found a karaoke video of generations 1-5 (right before 6th gen joined) and I fell in love again. I have been collecting all of there singles so far and waiting for Kimagure Princess to come in the mail as I type. So on I go with my review! Yes I did this without Koharu because my emotions are conflicting on her now.

8. Junjun

Junjun has been on the top of my list at one point and now she is down at the bottom. I don't know why. There are a few reasons though, one is that her personality has become so strange and baby like. She acts like a kid when she is just as old as Ai. Please Junjun, leave the cute stuff to Mitsui, Linlin, and Reina. They are younger and do it better. Two, she has stolen away Reika love for ReiJun. BOO! But that is my own spiteful reason. Yeah but Junjun is not one of my favorites anymore. I love all the girls but if I had to pick Junjun just wouldn't be at the top.

7. Takahashi Ai

WHY! Why can't I rank you higher?!?! I love you Ai-chan. I mean all my second favorite pairings involve you. I love her voice, dance control, and her cute little smile. I think she is a bit over played, but only because she is the best. I know why but it still bothers me. I am a strange person. But all in all Ai is amazing. My 5-7 picks are all on about the same level anyway so it's not like I have dropped her down way much since she is tied with two other girls but I just can't put her higher. But Ai-chan is love!

6. Niigaki Risa

This is another why can't I rank you higher girl? I mean we have the same name! Risa is one of the only reasons I decided to stick around with Musume for a while. Her smile can melt anyone's heart and she is a Disney freak like myself. I actually find myself having a lot of things in common, such as deco work and Disney loves. But also I think Risa is one of the most beautiful women in the whole of H!P ever, call me basis if you like but she is amazingly beautiful. If one last thing to say about Risa would be that she is epic win!

5. Michishige Sayumi

I use to hate Sayumi, she was so annoying and couldn't sing. She can't sing as well as some others but I think when I started to look into Sayumi's true character that's when I started to love her more. She tries a lot harder than some other member on her voice. When watching her perform it was easy to see when she was happy with her voice or if she was frustrated with her voice. She may try to cover it up but her poker face is horrid. I love you Sayumi and I wouldn't have you change anything about your beautiful self, especially your amazing hair, I need tip on taking care of mine.

4. Kamei Eri

You must love your aliens! Just kidding, Eri has an amazing voice and her character is one of my favorites. Kamei was my hidden favorite for a while now just because I really couldn't figure her out at first. She had a stunning voice and had crazy amazing dance skills. Yet she was so shy and cute. Now that I am able to see her be her strange and amazing self it helps me connect with her. Something she never really shows on the outside is her strong friendship with all the members. I feel like she values the time spent together even though she has a strange way of showing it. I always figured her lazying around going "Nu!" like Nya-san from Kirarin Revolution.

3. Linlin

Oh my Linlin! She is so funny. She is actually tied with my number 2 for my favorites and quickly gaining more love. Anything Linlin does makes me love her more. She has a cute face and she is so funny. When she does her "Ha! Ha! Ha!" I burst out laughing every time. I almost cried I was laughing so hard the first time I saw it. What I love about Linlin the most is it doesn't matter how stupid or retarded it makes her look Linlin will say it and not care. She is so adorable and she is a really good dancer. It really wasn't till Kimagure Princess did I notice how she can balance her cute and sexy side. I mean she could be the next Koharu in that aspect. If there is anyone to watch in the future it will be Linlin to see how she explodes on the scene.

2. Tanaka Reina

Reina! I shall melt away into thousands of puddles for Reina. No one person I have ever seen in Musume has been so smooth and so sensual as Reina. Even when she was 13 when she first joined her look was that of "I don't give a dam". I find that so amazing that she has kept to who she is the whole time. Just amazing. Her name means Queen in Spanish and it should. She is the queen of fashion and looks and hair. Reina is just boss in all aspects of being a great Musume member. I hope she sticks around long enough to be the leader. She would be an amazing leader. Reina for leader! I start the campaign now!

1. Mitsui Aika

There are no words I can say about Mitsui that wouldn't make you all hate me. For me Mitsui is the next Tsuji. I mean she has so much character and is so respectful to her older members as well as being so cute. I know a lot of fans don't like her because of her looks which is really shallow. She has an amazing voice as well as really good dance powers. If there is one thing I can say is that 8th gen has a really good dance base if they out to be there own group. I collect things Mitsui because she is will be one of the bests of Musume like Yossie you just wait and see!


This is going to be my blogger page to show my love of Musume and all things that are H!P related. I just want to say that I am a big fan of Mitsui Aika from Musume, Momoko from Berryz Koubou, and Chisato from C-ute. So don't pick on my favorites! So welcome aboard!